Mattermost Chat UI Update

Dec.30.2018 | 1m Read | ^UX

Dec.30.2018 redesign of the Mattermost chat client.

Search Channel:

Search channel panel update

Currently when searching through channels you get a mass of rooms and are required to be invited to invisible private channels. This is remedied via a streamlined UI and search / filtering interface.

New Channel:

Add channel panel update

The search filtering integrated with channel creation. This helped both train the user to use both functions, but also easily switch between them in the case of uncertainty or a mistake. The UX should be patterned as much as possible so the user does not have to learn new techniques with each function or struggle against the interface.


Details of chat UI updates

The full breakdown. One of the keys here is not blocking the side panel so you can use it as a shortcut panel. This is particularly helpful in the case you select the wrong section or function.

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