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Trello vs Jira vs Kanban

Jan.12.2018 | 9m Read | ^DevOps
In the following we shall cover various methodologies , mixed approaches, and tools to increase or focus productivity. This is the second article covering DevOps tools and methodology integration. See PART 1: Agile vs Scrum vs Lean for a background on methodologies. Kanban (Lean): ▼ What is…

Agile vs Scrum vs Lean

Jan.02.2018 | 8m Read | ^DevOps
DevOps teams manage and complete tasks. The way by which these teams plan and execute we call methodologies . They can be formal structures or patches from various systems. The alternative is to use whips and chains with sacrifices to Molech, but most insurance refuses to cover it. PART 2: Trello…

Docker vs Kubernetes

Dec.30.2017 | 3m Read | ^DevOps
Confused by DevOps , IT , or maybe toolsets like Docker and Kubernetes ? I mean what the freak is a ' Kubernetes ', right? Come with me on an adventure to get containerized and virtualized . DevOps (Development Operations) ☑⁡⁡ Originally DevOps fell under the umbrella of more generalized…

OS & CPU Architecture

Oct.06.2017 | 23m Read | ^DevOps
Computers (math machines) use a system of processors (math engines) and memory (info or data storage) to run software (instructions). The Operating System or OS (foundation software) acts as the middleman between the hardware (machinery) and other programs (software units). Software…