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Firefox Cloud reUX

Oct.06.2019 | 6m Read | ^UX
Oct.05.2019 redesign of Firefox.com into a unifying cloud platform. PART 1 : usability issues. PART 2 : UI updates. This redesign (or reUX) samples the original Firefox web site, but goes deeper, drawing inspiration from dark interfaces found in professional tools like Visual Studio Code and Adobe…

GitHub Enterprise reUX

Aug.28.2019 | 13m Read | ^UX
Aug.28.2019 redesign of GitHub's Enterprise landing page and branching content. It also features brand management and marketing strategies to convert existing GitHub users to Enterprise. This requires maximizing content, pageflow (user navigation analytics), and CPM or costs per thousand…

Prime Video reUX

Jul.25.2019 | 7m Read | ^UX
Jul.25.2019 redesign of Amazon Prime Video (updated: 2020 ). PART 1 : usability issues. PART 2 : UI updates. This redesign (or reUX) is based on the existing web site. It is not specific to any platform other than horizontal-ratioed screens. Pointer hovers are omitted and larger components are…

Mattermost Chat UI Update

Dec.30.2018 | 1m Read | ^UX
Dec.30.2018 redesign of the Mattermost chat client. Search Channel: Currently when searching through channels you get a mass of rooms and are required to be invited to invisible private channels. This is remedied via a streamlined UI and search / filtering interface. New Channel: The search…

Improving LinkedIn's UX / UI

Oct.15.2018 | 2m Read | ^UX
As of Oct.14.2018 LinkedIn’s news feed looks like this: Feels like we are going back to early Web 2.0 here. The problem? ☑ It does not match the established styling and color scheme. ☑ High contrast and black on modern screens causes eye fatigue (even pain). ☑ Pictures become more ominous and dingy…